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Devices for Monitoring Biomarkers in Urine by Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)

YSI believes that SERS will become an important new methodogy in proteomics, particularly effective in urine.
The protein profile in urine is expected be less complex than that in blood, and proteins in urine will be more stable than those in blood, as well as the convenience that a urinary test would have when compared with a more invasive blood test. Unlike the more complex proteomics analyses methodologies, SERS has the potential of being easier to apply for urinalysis, requiring little or no sample prep, with the potential for on-site testing.

YSI is building an new generation of products for biomarker detection by on-site urinalysis. The products utliize a proprietary gold nanoparticle strip on which a urine sample is deposited and inserted into a portable Raman strip reader for identification of the protein, nucleic acid or bacterial agent identifying the presence of diseases such as prostate cancer, diabetic nephropathy, acute kidney injury, and urinary tract infection.

YSI holds a patent on the Company’s approach to its products for biomarker urinalysis. US Patent 7,688,440 (issued to Richard Clarke and licensed by YSI) describes the Raman spectroscopic test strip and reader systems used in the Company’s biomarker products.

These products are presently intended for in vitro research purposes only. Please contact us for more information.

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