Yellowstone Scientific Instruments
Big Sky, Montana


                                YSI ANALYTICAL SYSTEMS DESIGN EXAMPLES


  • Hand-held SERS Raman system for microbial detection in water
  • Field monitor for detection of brucellosis in Yellowstone bison
  • Multianalyte sensor for characterization of deactivated nuclear reactor sites


  • Fiberoptic-connected dialysis sensor for noninvasive BUN monitoring (pictured above)
  • Integrated Raman microscope and microviewing system
  • Drug release monitor for drug-eluting stents and drug-coated balloons
  • SERS-based Raman sensor for rapid urinalysis


  • Handheld Raman detector for chemical warfare agents in water
  • Spectroscopic analyzer for JP-8 jet fuel properties


  • Mid-IR filter-based gasoline analyzer; mid-IR diesel analyzer
  • UV-vis-nir absorbance analyzer for diesel dye quantification

Check back with us periodically for an ongoing description of the Consulting Services and Areas of Expertise offered by YSI to the Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation marketplace

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