Yellowstone Scientific Instruments
Big Sky, Montana

About Us


Yellowstone Scientific Instruments (YSI) was founded in 2009 to develop a new class of instrumentation for chemical analysis. The focus of the Company is on designing, developing and manufacturing portable, easily-operated, handheld instruments that may be readily used in the field, as, for example,  in measuring the presence of chemicals in environmentally sensitive areas.


An example of such an area is Yellowstone National Park (YNP), from which the Company takes its name and inspiration. What is detectable in the remote and protected wilderness of places such as Yellowstone tells us how we as a society balance the benefits of our commerce with the need for clean air and water for all living creatures.


Yellowstone Scientific Instruments is focused on creating a class of instrumentation capable of conveniently detecting a range of analytes for both chemical and biomedical applications. The Company has recently expanded into new R&D facilities in the Snowy Mountain Circle business center in Big Sky with financial support provided by the Montana Department of Commerce MTIP program.



Richard Clarke is the Founder and President of

Yellowstone Scientific Instruments. His field of expertise is in laser and molecular spectroscopy with applications to analytical chemistry, instrumentation, and medical device development.
He was Professor of Chemistry at Boston University for 34 years and a member of the Photonics Center faculty from its inception. At the Boston University Photonics Center his research interests included molecular spectroscopy, analytical chemistry, and applications of lasers in medicine.

He was the co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Raman Systems, a manufacturer of portable Raman instruments located in Austin, TX from 2000-2009.

In addition to YSI and Raman Systems he has participated in the startup of several private and public companies including CardioLaser, Summit Technologies, Boston Advanced Technologies, and PetroSpec.

He holds 27 patents and has published two
books and over 100 papers in scientific journals.

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